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Flexible Finance

A variety of tailored finance services for your specific needs

Rental/Operating Lease

A Rental/Operating Lease agreement allows organisations to rent/lease equipment for periods up to 60 months and then return equipment at the end of term without further obligation. Lease payments are treated as operating expenses i.e. off balance sheet item.

Financial Leasing

Financial Leases are also available for periods up to 60 months with a set residual value payable at the end of term. Upon payment of the residual value the ownership of the equipment transfers to the lessee.

Managed Services Finance

Managed Services Finance provides simplicity in relation to all hardware, software, and services provided, with the ability to pay for all of it as if it were a service. One point of contact and one monthly invoice. The Result: effective/simple cost management.

 For your protection all finance services are provided and supported by specialist third party finance houses.

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