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Image 1 for Covid 19: Hygiene Tips for the Office

Covid 19: Hygiene Tips for the Office

19 March 20

It's spoken about on every news channel and social media platform all over the worldThe new Covid-19 virus has well and truley created a buzz and we understand how it is impacting each domain. In this article, we will be discussing what office hygine steps you should take, especially during times like these.

How can you Disinfect your Copier and other often used Office Devices?
No matter what environment you are in, you can be sure that bacterias and germs can be found.This is also applies to office equipment, and as usual, many people use them and the bacteria can get easily transferred. There is study done by Hloom that shows the most germ ridden spots in an office. Can you guess which they are?

It's the photocopier, the start button and it's display screen. They had over 1.2 billion colony forming units per square inch. It sounds like a vast number, and it is. To help you understand better, an average toilet has a number of 3200 colony forming units.

Viruses like the Covid-19 can stay alive up to three days on a copier. This is why cleaning methods like disinfecting soaps, hand sanitizers, and sprays are the most popular choice of cleaning your hands and office spaces. Still, these methods can damage the equipment in your space and might not be the best to go for. 

Disinfecting Tips to use for your Copier
A spray can easily get inside the copier, causing a lot of damage and interfering with the sensors of the device. Disinfecting wipes are the best option to clean your device and they won't cause any damage. You can wipe the outside parts of your copiers or printers together with their touchscreens. It is important not to spray any chemicals on the machine panels or screens and do not use any hand gel sanitizer. 

Disinfecting Tips to use for your Computer
The keyboard is one of the most exposed components of your Computer. Remove any dirt and crumbs with a can of compressed air. Hold it around 7 inches from the keyboard and spray along each key. You can also
use a disinfectant wipe to remove any bacteria from your keyboard - ensure you use it on both sides of the keyboard.

When you start cleaning other parts of the computer system such as the mouse, it is important that you use a new disinfectant wipe each time to lower the risk of contamination. The monitor or laptop screen can be cleaned by using a microfibre cloth with water. Slowly wipe the monitor to remove all dirt and fingerprints that are on it. Don't put too much pressure on the screen as you can damage the pixels of the flat screen monitor. 

Disinfecting Tips to use for your Office Phone 
Get all the dirt from the keypad and the speaker off with a can of compressed air. Hold it at around 7 inches from the surface when you use it
. Wipe all the surfaces of the phone with a disinfectant wipe.

Other useful Disinfection Tips for any Office
In conclusion, as you can see, there are many tips that we can take advantage of. So here are a few more that can help with keeping the office environment as clean as possible;

  • Adopt clear desk rules. When empty food packages or coffee cups are all around the desk, germs can multiply faster.
  • If co-workers are ill and still in the office, this can quickly spread in the entire office. Contain the problem by encouraging the sick staff to work from home.
  • Having anti-bacterial hand sanitizers or wipes around the convinient areas of the office can help. 
  • Notify people at the office to periodically wipe their desks, keyboards and phones.
  • Notify people to avoid using other colleagues phones, desks or computers.
  • Make a routine of disinfecting the copiers, printers, computers and any phones that are in the working spaces.